Therapy Session

For Therapists & Mental Health Professionals

Although the distinction between therapist and client is false as many therapists have also been clients (myself included), I know how important it is for us to know that we are talking with a professional who knows what our work is like (whether we work in an agency or in private practice), who can hear us, helps us to navigate our own challenges and create enough space for us to do our own work.


I have years of experience treating other professionals and I understand the unique position that our work puts us in. Sometimes we need a place to resolve immediate concerns, ongoing life stressors or to generally maintain our well being as we continue holding space for others.

I look forward to helping you hold that space for yourself.

Introspective Practice for Therapists

Therapists of all experience levels need to hone our techniques with clients but also to deepen our knowledge of ourselves , and many of us don't have time to access the tools and resources needed to engage in this practice outside of peer consultation and supervision.


So what happens when we need guidance outside of consultation or have concerns we fear bringing up due to fears of judgment? 

1. We end up "stuck" in our work with clients, not recognizing we may be the barrier, not the techniques we use.

2. We have the desire for growth but may not know the right questions to ask.

3. Our efficacy with clients decreases because we miss out on our own blind-spots.

I have been a practicing clinical psychologist for many years,  including working as a clinical supervisor, in addition to founding an award winning writing group for practitioners in the helping professions that ran for over 4 years. I have seen the transformative power of asking ourselves the right questions.

I know how it feels to  need to process the tough work of therapy,  to be stuck with a client or triggered by the work and not know why.  

I also understand from the client's point of view how painful therapy can be with a therapist out of touch with themselves.  

Because of this, I know that mastering ourselves is a key that unlocks the door to authentic, engaging and effective therapy.

I developed this tool to help practitioners like us:

- take better care of ourselves

- deepen self awareness

-create more effective and masterful therapy