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Personalized "Metreats" for
Black Female Founders & Entrepreneurs
...because  I know you are busy building a business and don't have forever to sit on my therapy couch

  • The number of businesses owned by women of color has more than doubled over the past decade.

  • Black women founders are leading the way in new business ventures and are often doing so, solo or with a tiny team behind them. Solo businesses can be profitable but also can take an enormous toll on the physical and psychological well-being of the founder.

  • Despite hard work and great ideas, less than 1% of venture- backed companies have a Black founder and the statistics are lower for Black female founders. Businesses without enough capital are constantly operating behind the eight ball.

While Black women are genius, hardworking and full of ideas,

they also engage with a system that disenfranchises them daily.


On the one hand, this can mean more determination, motivation and focus

to make it when the odds remain stacked against you.


On the other hand, this can mean burnout, exhaustion, overextending and doing the most, all of the time,

for your business, for your partner, for your kids and for everything and everyone else by you.


You don't really have to be convinced...

...because you know that without mental wellness,

everything else in your life suffers,

but you have told yourself that you don’t have the time or the money for therapy.

If you want to maintain where you are, or even grow to the next level, something has to change.

You do everything else on your own.. you figured you would lifehack your way to better mental health too.

 You have listened to the podcasts, downloaded the apps, read the books, attended the webinars,

supported your friends and family members through breakups, depressive episodes and anxiety attacks,

meanwhile, barely holding on yourself.


You have even advocated for the mental health of others while neglecting your own.

You Need MORE

You need more for you, and I don’t mean more “stuff.”

You need more clarity, more peace, more joy, more emotional stability,

more meaningful relationships, a more connected and fulfilling life.

You are already highly motivated, and committed to your growth because

you wouldn’t be where you are if you weren’t.

But...aren’t you tired of the same patterns showing up and holding you back?

Aren’t you ready to dedicate some of those efforts to your own growth and healing?


Who am I?

"I help successful entrepreneurs jumpstart their journey to inner success and wellness."

Dr. B. Nilaja Green

I know the life transforming power of therapy and see it work in my clients’ lives every day. And as a coach and therapist to Black Founders (from small start ups to multimillionaires) across the country, I know that outside success does not always lead to inner fulfilment.

In fact, sometimes the gap between the outside and the inside grows as your success grows.

Unfortunately, successful businesses, enviable bank accounts and all of the "things" don't necessarily equal joy, peace and wellness.

Therapy can close that gap. And intensive therapy can close that gap even faster.


A successful Black female founder myself, I know the benefits of efficient time management and relevant healing. As busy professionals, entrepreneurs and changemakers we can’t always show up to therapy as regularly as we would like, so we need flexible options to get the care we need in a way that we can access it.

We need options.

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Your self talk sounds like:

  • “I look like I am doing well, but something isn’t quite right. What am I missing?”

    • You are functioning in your daily life but not nearly as well as you  know you could because unresolved anger, guilt, shame, insecurity or aimlessness get in the way.

    • You need time to sort out all of those feelings so you can finally   move on.

  • “How can I truly transform my life and learn to trust myself, not just today, but into the future?”

    • You want to trust your decisions more easily, learn more about what really motivates you and how you can sustain yourself through the difficult times.

    • You know there are skills out there to help with this and have not known where or when was the right time to look.

  • “I always have everyone else’s needs on my to do list. When is it time to take care of me?”

    • You believe in the power of therapy and you are ready to take the time needed to focus on you with little to no interruptions but you have trouble setting boundaries.

    • You find yourself falling into people pleasing and putting others’  needs before your own even if you don’t have to.

  • “My life is moving so fast; I feel like I am missing it. How can I reconnect to myself and find joy again?”

    • You know how to achieve, set goals, plan everyone else’s life and give great advice. But you have a hard time sitting with your own life and the things you wish were different.

    • You need the time, space and permission to come back to the present moment so you can actually live your life and not just plan it.

  • “This is new territory for me, where do I go from here?”

    • You have recently experienced a difficult life transition (divorce, breakup, job transition, new business, etc.) and you are trying to figure out what life looks like now.

    • You know that change is part of a dynamic life but you need the tools to navigate change well.

  • “ I get it. I really need/enjoy therapy. How can I learn more about my healing, faster?”

    • You have had the normal weekly or biweekly therapy experience and you have found it useful and you are ready to take your healing and self-development to the next level.

    • You just need to know how to get started and whom to do it with.

  • “I am ready, where can I get the tools and when can I start?

    • You are willing, ready and able to invest in yourself.

Who are you?

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Woman Drinking Coffee

What to expect

When we meet:

Fri: 2pm - 6pm

Sat: 9am - 4pm

Sun: 9am – 12pm

        What you experience:

  • Comprehensive individual strategies  to build realistic, relevant and actionable self-care goals

  • Skills that can be immediately utilized to improve your relationships with others and most importantly your relationship with yourself

  • A deeper understanding of your own values, motivations, fears and desires

  • A greater sense of connectedness to your body

  • A beginning foundation for truly mindful, present oriented, full living

    What we cover:

Although the individual intensives are customized, here is general outline of what you can expect 

  • Beginning with wholeness

    • Comprehensive wellness check-in to identify areas of your life ready for growth and change

    • Development of an integrated treatment plan to start you on the path to more holistic health

  • Being in the bodycreating space in the body for the emotion/cognitive work in which we will embark through experiential and mindfulness techniques

  • Who’s in the room identifying the parts of you that can be barriers or resources in your growth journey

  • Who’s outside of the roomexploring your relationships and relationship stories

  • Embracing values & visionreorienting you to your current values and vision for your life and checking in to see how well your life does or (doesn’t) line up

  • Managing harmful/hateful self-talk we are often our own worst enemies and we can’t believe everything we think, especially when we might say things to ourselves that we would NEVER say to someone else

  • Reframing the critic and quelling anxietyhealthy self critique can keep you accountable to yourself and your relationships, but sometimes critique runs out of control and only contributes to anxiety, which decreases creativity, productivity and self confidence

  • Tackling procrastination and insecurityall of the time management resources in the world will NOT solve procrastination rooted in insecurity and self doubt. We have to work with the emotional blocks in order to move through and move into completing tasks

  • Getting serious about self-care say it with me, “Self care is not a luxury, it is a necessity.” I know that many Black women are newly giving themselves permission to address their own needs. I am here to tell you that you CAN live a life where you are never on your own “To Do” list, but I am pretty sure it is not a life you want and that you will also eventually build a business that you don’t want either.

  • Ending with wholeness  - Beginning and ending with wholeness bookmarks the experience of this individualized weekend so that you remember that you are more than your business, more than your role as partner, parent, friend. We will engage in practices to solidify this truth.


  • Follow up session in one month’s time post retreat (INCLUDED)

  • An accountability plan to take with you

  • Actionable and relevant self-care plan

  • Life affirming and life changing personal insights

  • A new way to think about “balance” and what that means for your personal and professional life

  • Exclusive one on one access to a highly trained clinical psychologist with expertise in effective therapeutic approaches and experience with treating and coaching Black women Entrepreneurs specifically

Don't want to go at it alone? Let's talk about doing a small group option (just you and 2-3 of your favorite people) with whom you would feel comfortable engaging in this process.

*Payment plans available

What you take with you:

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