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Organizational & Community Offerings

Dr. B. Nilaja Green

Dr. B. Nilaja Green

Yale University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry

Doctoral Internship & Postdoc

PhD. in Clinical & Community Psychology

Georgia State University

I am available for:

  • Speaking Engagements

    • podcast and media interviews/appearances​

    • panelist and Expert guest

  • Workshops

  • Group Training

B.A. Georgetown University

Speaking/Training topics:

 General Mental Health Awareness & Education

Mindfulness & Self Care for employees & organizations

Evidence-based Trauma focused treatments and PTSD education

Trauma & The Strong Black Woman

Inter-generational Trauma and social context

The power of being an Introspective Therapist

Trauma informed & health outcomes

Writing as a means for improving therapy practice

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Other Media & Publications

Podcast Interviews

Fierce Authenticity - Generational Trauma 

Elements of Alliel - Strong Black Woman episode


Academic Articles

"Strong Like My Mama: The moderating influence of strength on depression and suicide in African American women" (2019)


Winner of  the 2013 American Psychological Association Women & Psychotherapy Award

Women and the Experience of Serious Mental Illness and Sexual
Objectification: Multicultural Feminist Theoretical Frameworks and Therapy Recommendations



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