B. Nilaja Green, PhD
Licensed Clinical & Community Psychologist


B. Nilaja Green, PhD Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Creator of Introspective Journal:  www.introspectivejournal.com

I believe our choices can change our lives.  As individuals and as organizations, we can use where we have been and where we are to direct where we are going. I work with people who are tired of living out the same narrative over and over. People who would choose to be defined,

not by their worst moments, but by the best versions of themselves.


 I have been a practicing psychologist for many years. I care about your well-being and believe that together we can work towards a more meaningful life and a more authentic you. 

My approach  integrates varied  perspectives drawing on interpersonal techniques, and evidence based practices. I am also trained specifically

 in trauma focused interventions: cognitive processing therapy and prolonged exposure.  I work from a culturally responsive perspective, and   appreciate the diversity of sexual and gender expressions. I strive to meet everyone where they are and to honor each person's journey.


 Whether you are recovering from trauma, paralyzing anxiety, grief/loss, struggling through a devastating depression, locked in the same behaviors or  relationships, you can find your way to a meaningful life and I can help.

                       I would be honored to work together.


Yale University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry

Doctoral Internship & Postdoc

PhD. in Clinical & Community Psychology

Georgia State University

B.A. Georgetown University

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