Baldwin told us...

"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed

until it is faced."

As an African American in this country, your journey is special and your story is unique...

  Although trauma comes in many forms, we

know that being part of a marginalized group

brings the stress of managing

societal dynamics in addition to individual


The (sometimes) burden of being human is compounded by the legacy of being part of a historically marginalized group that even today continues to experience injustices, inequities

and infuriating neglect.

Our work takes these realities into account,

not as experiences that happen in the

background of life, but as alive and present

truths that inform both suffering and recovery.

At Standpoint, we recognize these truths and

integrate them into our work together.

It can be a painful and complex journey, let us

walk it with you.

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All of your life you've had to be "strong..."

"Just because Black women are magic doesn't mean we are not REAL."

As real women who have been everything to everyone else, the Strong Black Woman Lunch Break gives you the chance to finally put down everyone else's issues and to just focus on your own life.


You are your own best thing,


but sometimes you can get lost in the all of the other tasks and concerns of life. Beginning in late summer/Fall 2021, we will be launching a 6 month support circle for women just like you. It will be intimate, meaningful and protected space.

Dr. Green teaches breathwork

The breath is a short cut to the present moment

We are intersectional humans and so are our concerns...

"We go on because it is the hard thing to do and we owe ourselves the difficulty."

-Nikki Giovanni

The journey into becoming an authentic "you" can take time and often when you identify as LGBTQ, that journey comes with unique sacrifices and stressors . Layers of identity can find themselves folded on top of and intersecting with each other and sometimes they don't play well together.

Dr. Green has years of experience working with concerns unique to the LGBTQ community including trauma, managing social stressors, "coming out," relationship dynamics, sexual fluidity and internalized homophobia. 

We are intricately complicated and beautifully simple. Together, let's integrate those pieces.

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