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Poet Della Hicks-Wilson on giving voice to your story...

"darling, you feel heavy because you are too full of truth.

open your mouth more.

let the truth exist somewhere other

than inside your body."


PTSD & Trauma related stress

Traumatic events occur across the life span and are not  restricted to war.

Physical, emotional and sexual violations can contribute to lasting wounds that  impact how we see ourselves, others and the world. At ATT&C we take an integrative approach to trauma treatment, including  evidence-based interventions such as CPT, Prolonged Exposure, Written Exposure, DBT and others. 

We offer:

-Brief trauma focused work (4-8 weeks)

- Short term intensive options (2x/week for 4 or 6 weeks)

- Longer term options

depending on your present needs.

Racial & Identity related trauma

As a BIPOC person living in the United States and the world, your emotional and psychological wellbeing is often influenced


in ways you

define yourself and even the ways that

others define you.

We take that into account throughout treatment and keep identity in mind as we build treatment.


As a service member, you have sacrificed an incredible amount to fight for something that you believe in.


Sometimes that has meant putting yourself and others in harm’s way.

And sometimes the threat has come from unexpected places.


We know that the veteran’s story is unique and there is no one size fits all approach.


Even the struggles of war don’t hit everyone the same.


Not everyone can hear the stories you have to tell, but we can.

When you are ready to talk, we are here to listen.

Grief counseling

Grief is a complex dance between learning

to live with loss

while continuing to

find meaning in life following loss.


The path is not straightforward and often not easy.


We work with acute and complicated grief, using exposure, acceptance/mindfulness and emotion focused approaches


Depression can often feel like walking around with a boulder tied around your neck


anxiety can often feel like the low hum of an

engine that won’t turn off.

Both can become disruptive and distracting to a life of meaning and fulfillment.


Our work recognizes the impact of depression and anxiety on your life without insisting that you be defined by them.

Individual Therapy

Through  one-on-one sessions with your therapist, you will work together to face the issues that have kept you stuck.


Treatment goals are decided collaboratively.


Sessions often take place on a weekly or biweekly schedule although there may be some flexibility for more infrequent sessions.

Life transitions

In The Parable of the Sower, Octavia Butler wrote

“everything you touch, you change; and everything you change, changes you.”


Change, transition and transformation come in every person’s life.

We cannot always choose these transitions and changes, but we can work to prepare for them, respond effectively to them and thoughtfully explore how we have been impacted by them.


We use our therapy sessions to do just that.

Trauma Focused

We offer trauma focused therapy designed to aid recovery from PTSD and trauma related disorders.


Interventions include:


  • CPT

  • EMDR

  • Prolonged Exposure

  •  Written exposure therapy

  • Treatment for survivors of childhood abuse and interpersonal violence

  • DBT techniques

  • Mindfulness-based approaches and others.

All Hands In

Group Therapy

Groups offer the opportunity to experience the power of human connections.


They remind us that although each of us live unique lives, others are walking along beside us and may live with the same questions, worries, insecurities and challenges that we do.


At ATT&C, we offer varying groups throughout the year. Inquire by email or phone.


Examples have included groups focusing on Black women and wellness, supporting the mental health of entrepreneurs and also mindfulness groups.


Presently, the majority of therapy sessions are held virtually although some limited in person options are available.


To Schedule an appointment:   

You are invited to book a preliminary 15-20mins consultation call here.

Please contact Dr. B.Nilaja Green at 470.659.0607. If you are unable to reach her, please leave a message in her confidential voicemail and she will attempt to return your call within 24 - 48 hours.

You can also send an email request to:

with a general request for an appointment. Please do not include specific descriptions of the problem as we will learn more about that in our initial phone consultation.

If you are having an emergency, please click here.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Should I invest in therapy?

Good question.

Clients often ask about the cost of mental health services.

I like to think about the cost of NOT getting the help you need.

Think about how much emotional energy and psychological space the issue takes up. What could you be doing with that space


Is there a business you could be building, a relationship you could be growing or an adventure you could be experiencing?


How many sleepless nights, "bad" days and disrupted relationships has this concern cost you?

How many moments of confusion, uncertainty, sadness or fear have stopped your life in its tracks?

Do you accept insurance?

We presently are considered "out of network" for all insurance carriers and provide a Superbill to assist with reimbursement

from your insurance carrier. We are contracted with some EAPs (Employee Assistance Programs) and offer limited sliding

scale options.

Most insurance plans reimburse the cost of out of network services 40-80%.

We accept healthcare savings plans as well as some therapy vouchers provided by certain mental health support organizations.

Why don't you accept insurance?

ATT & C does not currently accept insurance, or bill your health insurance company for services on your behalf for

many reasons:

      - Health insurance companies need your therapist to give you a legitimate diagnosis in order to provide you with

         treatment they will reimburse. However, not everyone that comes into our office has a mental illness, but rather some

        are struggling with life stressors  and normal life transitions. Some common reasons for coming to therapy, like identity

       challenges, relationship concerns and grief counseling, are typically not covered by insurance.


      - The diagnosis given to you stays on your permanent health record, and can affect your future. For example, if you would

         want a job that requires a security clearance, run for political office,  if you would like to adopt a child, or if you would like

         to purchase a gun, your mental health diagnoses are taken into account. Insurance companies also have access to your

         therapy records should they request them.

      - Insurance companies will usually authorize a specific amount of sessions for which they will pay. Some treatments may

        fall outside of those limitations. In our experience, clients come to treatment with varying levels of symptom severity,

        and life obstacles  unique to them. We don't believe that an insurance company should get to decide which treatments

        you receive and how long you can receive treatment/support.

​        We also don't want to leave you without our work completed because the insurance company thinks you don't need

        anymore  treatment.

     - Your treatment remains confidential when you do not use insurance and you and your therapist really have the chance to

        craft your treatment according to your needs, leaving these important decisions to you and your therapist,

        not a third part entity.

How much is the investment?

Initial Consultation/Assessment  - $265    This session is more involved than other therapy sessions and involves information gathering and charting our course for treatment.

You will be provided with a complimentary Therapy Notebook which will be essential to our therapeutic work.

You will be provided with the necessary paperwork beforehand through an online portal.

Individual Therapy Session (50-55mins) - $200

Individual Therapy Session (90 mins) - $250

EMDR (90mins) - $195-$250

Trauma focused Couple's Session (60mins) - $225

We  offer a limited number of sliding scale appointments.

I'm really ready to get started. What can I do between when I complete the paperwork and our first session?

Although we strive to get clients scheduled within two weeks of their completing the initial forms, some clients have many

questions about their experiences and are looking for ways to support themselves in the mean time. We recommend that

you consult the activities in your Therapy Notebook, and check out our client resources here, which includes a

breathing exercise for daily practice.

Additional fees are charged for completing paperwork. Specific fee information will be provided at your visit.

* Fees subject to annual review

Notice About the No Surprises Act

As a completely out of network practice, we are transparent with our fees so our clients know and can plan for the cost of services. This transparency has been required by the ethical standards by which we have abided for the entirety of our careers, and because we believe it is the only way for us as clinicians to bring trust and integrity into our working relationship.

The Federal No Surprises Act went into effect on January 1, 2022 to protect patients from surprise medical bills. As a result, all licensed health providers who offer out of network services are required to post a notice of “your rights and protections against surprise medical bills” on our websites or in our physical offices.


You may know that many people have been harmed by surprise medical bills, often incurred during emergency or surgical care where there may be out of network providers involved in a patient’s care without their knowledge. It is unlikely this could occur when receiving services at practice as there should be no situation in which you would “unknowingly” receive care from someone other than your clinician or receive care with no choice. Again, the nature of mental health services are different and we do not engage in surprise or balance billing. For example, the costs for services are outlined on our site and reviewed in the consultation call. Further, in accordance with the Act, we will gladly provide a Good Faith Estimate of the costs of services following an initial evaluation and during the course of treatment.  Rest assured, you can always ask us about any costs about which you may be unsure, and you will be provided clear, accurate information.


Give us a call. 

We would love to hear from you.

Not sure if therapy is right for you?

Want more information about what to expect?

Just want to chat with me before you come in?

We offer a preliminary

15-20min consultation. 


In Crisis?

(click here)


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