Poet Della Hicks-Wilson on giving voice to your story...

"darling, you feel heavy because you are too full of truth.

open your mouth more.

let the truth exist somewhere other

than inside your body."


To Schedule an appointment:   

You are invited to book a preliminary 15-20mins consultation call here.

Please contact Dr. B.Nilaja at 678.453.8749. If you are unable to reach her, please leave a message in her confidential voicemail and she will attempt to return your call within 24 - 48 hours.

You can also send an email request  to: drbnilaja@standpointtherapyandconsulting.org

with a general request for an appointment. Please do not include specific descriptions of the problem as we will learn more about that in our initial phone consultation.

If you are having an emergency, please click here.

Fee Schedule:

Should I invest in therapy?

Good question.

Clients often ask about the cost of mental health services.

I like to think about the cost of NOT getting the help you need.

Think about how much emotional energy and psychological space the issue takes up.

What could you be doing with that space instead?

Is there a business you could be building, a relationship you could be growing or an adventure you could be experiencing?

How many sleepless nights, "bad" days and disrupted relationships has this concern cost you?

How many moments of confusion, uncertainty, sadness or fear have stopped your life in its tracks?

Whether you decide to work with us or not, we hope you find exactly what you need.

We hope you invest in you so you can live the meaningful, full life you are meant to live.

We presently are considered "in -network" for Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield.

We are considered "out of network" for all other insurance carriers.

Most insurances reimburse the cost of out of network services 40-80%.

We accept healthcare savings plans as well as some therapy vouchers provided by certain mental health support organizations.

We can also provide Superbills and appointment information to assist you in obtaining reimbursement for your healthcare.

Initial Consultation/Assessment (90mins)  - $225    This session is usually longer than other therapy sessions and involves

information gathering and charting our course for treatment.

You will be provided with the necessary paperwork beforehand through an online portal.


Individual Therapy Session (50-55mins) - $185

Individual Therapy Session (90 mins) - $225

Trauma focused Couple's Session (60mins) - $225

Additional fees are charged for completing paperwork. Specific fee information will be provided at your visit.

We  offer a limited number of sliding scale appointments.

* Fees subject to annual review

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